A cool smart way of cracking deals at stores!

• Have you been overspending to crack best deals on sale of your favorite brands?

• Do you end up buying more than planned to avail higher discounts?

• No need to over spend, instead find a Kart Buddy at the store to share deals and avail higher discounts.


Q. What is KartBuddy all about?
A. KartBuddy is a platform for retail shoppers to connect with fellow buyers in the store in order to crack higher volume or amount based offers.

For example:

1. A deal is offered by store say"Buy 2 Get 2 Free".

Normal Shopping: In this case buyer individually need to buy 2 pieces of that deal brand. Once he buys 2 he will get another 2 free. So the buyer will end up having total 4 quantities of same brand which most buyers do not want.

KartBuddy Shopping: If two users who are buying 1 piece each in the store can find each other and get paired by using the APP. Their combined quantity becomes 2 (1+1) so they are eligible to get 2 free pieces. Which they can split between and effectively take home one piece each free on purchase of one piece each.

2. A deal say "Buy worth 6000 and Get 3000 Cashback".

Normal Shopping: In this case user need to buy 6000 worth of merchandise which may be above buyer's budget.

KartBuddy Shopping: If two users who are buying worth 3000 each in the store can find each other and get paired by using the APP. Their combined amount becomes 6000 (3000+3000) so they are eligible to get 3000 cashback. Which they can split between themselves and effectively take home 1500 cashback each on purchase of worth 3000 each.

Q. How to use the application?
A. Select the desired store where you are shopping. From brand listing choose the brand on which you are looking for cracking a deal. On amount or quantity window please specify how much worth amount or quantity of that brand you intend to buy and click "OK". In the cart page review your brand and quantity/amount of purchase once again and if looks fine then click "Find A Kart Buddy" button for APP to start searching for available shopping buddy in side the store

Q. How long it takes to find a buddy?
A. Our APP tries to search it every few minutes. If it finds any one buying same brand and deals then connects them. You can go to "History" tab in the APP to view the status of your cart transaction. ​

Q. How would I get to know if there is a shopping buddy available?
A. If APP finds a shopping buddy to pair then it notifies both the users using push/in-app notifications. You can also go to "Notifications" tab in the APP to view the buddy details.

Q: How to do settlement of deal benefit in case two people buy together?
A: Both parties need to discuss and agree on the split of saving and do settlement either prior or post billing.

Q: Will Kartbuddy help in settlement or any settlement related issue?
A: No. It’s completely on the discretion of both parties to agree and decide whether they would like to go ahead with joint buying. Post connecting parties, Kartbuddy is not responsible in any manner.

Q: At the time of leaving store, typically guard ask for the bill. How to handle such scenario? A: There is no issue if both parties want to leave store together, otherwise both parties can deposit their joint purchase items at the baggage counter and then can continue with further shopping in the store.

Q: One of the party would keep the bill, so how to exchange in case of any absence of bill?
A: Every product comes with a unique bar-code which is printed on the bill. Party who won’t be getting the original bill is suggested to take a bill copy/picture on mobile and use that if required. We also recommend noting down mobile# & name of the buddy since typically all stores save mobile# with bill. Hence it’s possible to get duplicate bill generated with the mobile# if required.

Q: What will happen if I have deals selected in the kart and I change store in the App?
A: At present it is not possible to have deals of more than 1 store in the cart and hence while selecting different store, application would ask whether you would like to clear the current deal from the cart otherwise it won’t allow to select different store.

Q: How can I clear already selected deals in the cart?
A: Select different store and when prompted click option to clear cart OR go to “History” page and cancel particular cart transaction.

Q: How many maximum deals can I add to cart?
A: Current version supports maximum of 3 open deals in the cart and that too from the same store.

Q: Where can I find details of submitted carts for buddy finding ?
A: Click on the “History” tab to find detail of all submitted Deals/Brands in the carts. Here are various status details:

“Processing” - APP is trying to find buddy
“Paired” - A Buddy is already found successfully
“Deactivated” - APP couldn’t find buddy in a timely manner (within 1 hour)
“Cancelled”- Buddy finding and paring process cancelled by user

Q: Could you please provide application overview?
A: please find overview below:

1. Store listing page or Home page


2. Clicking on desired store would take user to Brand listing page.


3. Click on the cart icon for the selected brand to enter Quantity or Amount based on the type of deal.

​ • If deal is on buying certain quantity of brand then popup would allow to enter quantity
• If deal is on buying worth certain amount of brand then popup would allow to specify amount
• If deal information is not available in our system then popup allows user to enter quantity or amount as per his choice based on what the user sees the deal type in the store


4. Once clicked "OK" the selected deal will get added to the cart.


5. Now click on “Find A Kart Buddy” button to initiate the process of finding a buddy to share the deal.


6. History tab shows detail of submitted Carts/Deals and current status of it.


7. Upon successful pairing Push notification would be send to both buddies. The same notification details would be captured under “Notifications” tab as well. The paired users would be able to call each other to discuss the way to proceed further to avail the deal benefit.


8. Login is required for cart submission to find buddy, to view notifications or history tab.


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